Friday at the Archivio di Louisiana

img_3404This morning, I took time to stop and look at the roses as I got right with Friday morning. See, yesterday  I was speaking with Troy at the Archives. I was telling her I am usually cleaning up the breakfast mess as I am drinking my cappuccino. She told me that I need to leave the mess and go sit outside and drink my cappuccino while I look at the roses. So, I sat outside and looked at the roses and listened to the birds sing. See, I cannot smell so I cannot smell the roses.

After getting right with the morning, I was off to the Archivio di Louisiana. The first project of the day was to unpack a shipment of file folders that came from Gaylord. We ordered 4,000 file folders. So somebody needed to take them out of the box and put them on the shelf.


After putting the file folders on the shelf, I broke down the boxes in order to throw them in the dumpster. See, if I did not and Kirk found out. He would call me on the telephone and say “Rookie, report to my office immediately.” Then, he would make me jump into the dumpster and smash the boxes flat.

The second project of the morning was accessioning and processing a collection of Senate Journal files from the 2016 Louisiana Regular Legislative session as well as the 1st and 2nd Extraordinary Legislative session.

dylx6838The first step was entering the date the processing was started, the name of the person who received it, the accession number, the agency, the title, the number of boxes, and the date it was entered into the database. The accession number for this collection was P2017-011 since it was the eleventh collection we have received this year. Then it was off into the stacks to find the perfect location for the five boxes. Next was to write the accession number and location on the boxes. After that it was time to make the DACS complaint finding aid in Eloquent.

After completing the finding aid, I emailed the Louisiana Senate the compltbog6573eted transmittal in order for them to have a record of where the boxes were located. Then, I filled a copy of the transmittal in the transmittal binder and the original transmittal in the file cabinet.

Then it was off to lunch. Lunch today was chicken salad on fresh homemade bread (that I made) and lettuces as well as an apple. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor aimg_3426way.

After lunch, John called to say that someone delivered a collection of Presidential election results that were meant for the archive and not the research room. John sent tlnar0692hem up the dumbwaiter and I retrieved the collection. So this material will also need to be accessioned and processed.

After retrieving this collection, I continued organizing a collection of elected officials oaths that are in five boxes. This collection includes oaths for Judges, Councils and Police Juries, Constables, and Justice of the Peace (each position is in a box). I am arranging each box by parish and placing each parish’s oaths in a file folder.


Since today is Friday, I made sure all the material that has been pulled has been put back and the ladders brought to the front of the rows. This way I start Monday organized. Mondays are hard enough and being organized helps. For example, a surety bond for a Notary needed to be filled away. So, I filled it away.

Surety Bond

Then it was finally quarter to four, which meant the weekend was here. So off I went.



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